Lot: 26

75th tribal art auction

Coupe "jifoi"

Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée, Asmat

Provenance Taille Prix d’appel / Prix d'Estimation
collected in situ, Asmat (before 1970)
Cenderawashi Museum Jayapura, West Papua (1985)
L: 88 cm 2000 EUR
Frais supplémentaires : 23% de commission, TVA, expédition et assurance transport

light wood, remains of white and orange pigment, bowl corpus with characteristic decor on the outside ("bipane" motif), contours in raised struts, a big male figure on one end of the bowl, slightly dam. (mouth), minor missing parts (bowl tip, right foot), rest. (nose tip);
as the bowl is in the shape of a small canoe, this "jifoi" probably was used as paint cup. When not in use, bowls were placed upside down on a rack above the owners sleeping place, so that the depicted ancestor remained in contact with him.

Dehaene, Frederic (ed.), Asmat Art, The van der Hoeven Collection, Brussels o.J.