Lot: 157

84th Tribal Art Auction

Deux appui-nuques

Mali, Tellem

Provenance Taille Prix d’appel / Prix d'Estimation
a) Gerhard de Vos, Dormagen, Germany
b) Monique Lancée, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Hans Reinmöller, Ratingen, Germany
H: 13,5 cm 200 EUR
Frais supplémentaires : 23% de commission, TVA, expédition et assurance transport

wood, matt patina, a) reddish brown patina, inscect caused missing parts, h: 11 cm; l: 18 cm; b) cracks, traces of insect caused damage, h: 13,5 cm; l: 23,5 cm;
presumably burial objects. The Tellem buried their dead in communal graves in caves sealed off by mud bricks. Objects presumed to be gifts for the dead were interred with them and seem to relate to the daily activities of the deceased. Headrests with columnar struts were always associated with male skeletons.