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Harpe arquée anthropomorphe "ngombi" (cordophone)

Nord du Gabon / Sud du Cameroun, Fang

Provenance Taille Prix d’appel / Prix d'Estimation
Private Collection, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (1973) H: 77 cm;
L: 76 cm
Cet objet n’est plus disponible.

wood, animal skin and sinews, plant fiber, six (of originally eight) strings, two sound holes, handwritten inventory no. "5741", base

The harp "ngombi" was used in ceremonies of the "bwiti" society. It was the property of a priest of the cult community and was played at religious gatherings.

The crowning head represents the central figure of the "bwiti" religion, the mother figure "Nyingwan Mbege". In sculptures and paintings she is often depicted as rising from the moon, holding the sun in her right hand and the moon in her left.

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