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Masque en fibres végétales "kalengula"

R. D. Congo, Luntu, région Kasai

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Allan Stone, New York, USA H: 60 cm 2500 EUR
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raffia, colour pigments, grass fibre, eyes and diadem-shaped headdress worked separately, base

This plant fibre mask was previously attributed to the Binji. More recent research assigns it to the Luntu.

This is based on a photo taken by the anthropologist Albert Maesen in a Luntu village in 1955, which shows a mask dancer wearing a similar mask. In his field notes, Maesen states that this mask is called "kalengula" and is worn at the initiation or funeral of a member of the "bukalenga bwa nkashaama" brotherhood.

Only a few comparable examples of this type of plant fibre mask can be found. One object comes from a mission museum of the White Fathers in Ghent (AHDRC 0125719), a second is found in the holdings of the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren (AHDRC 0125720).

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